academia cotopaxi

Margot Solberg, a fourth grade teacher at an international American school, Academia Cotopaxi, in Quito, Ecuador, has been implementing weather satellite education in the classroom since September of 2009.  This journey began as a pilot program: “A Satellite in the Classroom”, and was initiated through collaboration with the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency (EXA)

Ecomundo school

In November, 2009 Ecomundo School was chosen by EXA to be part of  "A Satellite in the Classroom" project where Hermes-Delta system was installed to give access, in real time, to meteorologycal satellites so 2,000+ students could download and analyze multi-spectral images. 

Las Catalinas school

Since 2007 Rosa de Jesus Cordero School has been one of the pioneers in the use of the HERMES-DELTA system, by the initiative of Mr. Pablo Tenesaca founder of the Astrophisics Club in the school, one of the leading space-outreach  school groups in the country.

Nuestra Madre de la Alborada school

Nuestra Madre de la Alborada School, was registered, in July 2014, in system HERMES of the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency - EXA, by the iniciative of Roberto Falconi. Students started recording and decoding in real time, images of NOAA climate satellites, After this, they began an educational process in the area of Astronautics in the institution.

Fundacion Ninos con Futuro school


Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency - EXA and Niños con Futuro Foundation installed in 2010 the program "A Satellite in the Classroom" in Unidad Educativa Felipe Costa School, which allowed almost 300 low-income children to extract satellite images and data about weather, geography and planet resources in real time.

Nuevo Mundo school


Nuevo Mundo School was one of the three schools selected by the Ecuadorian Space Agency in April 2013,to use an advanced version of Hermes-Delta system in order to capture and use the signal of the first ecuadorian satellite NEE-01 Pegasus. 

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