Hermes-Delta Project

On March 2009 the Ecuadorian Space Agency (EXA) begins the HERMES project, the first Internet-to-Orbit gateway and the most sensitive ground station in the region, the station is named HERMES-A

On September 8 2009, the UN-OOSA invites the EXA to present Project HERMES into the Small Satellites for Sustainable Development Conference which officially becomes the first Internet-to-Orbit gateway, on the National Academy of Science in Graz, Austria, representatives of 34 countries are trained in the use of HERMES ground station.

HERMES has 5 operation modes:

  • MODE A (Alpha): Reception of data from orbit and relay trough Internet

  • MODE B (Beta): Uplink/downlink full duplex connection between computers on the Internet and orbiting spacecrafts

  • MODE C (Gamma): Half duplex voice conversation between any computer on the Internet and manned spacecrafts

  • MODE D (Delta): Automated APT signal relay from weather satellites to any computer on the Internet

  • MODE E (Epsilon): Command Uplink/ Video downlink full duplex connection between computers on the Internet and Ecuadorian Satellites 

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